WEBINAR: Calibrating the Security Risk of IoT Devices

WEBINAR: Calibrating the Security Risk of IoT Devices

Thursday, May 28 at 12pm EST

NOTE: This webinar has concluded. Watch the webinar in MP4 format or view the slides in PDF format anytime.

Many IT managers find themselves overwhelmed and without clear insight into IoT device and network security. 
This webinar will explain why measuring IoT device security is elusive but critical to the security of the organization, and why it is increasingly important.

This webinar will be of interest to everyone interested in learning more about the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and how they impact network security. 
CIOs, CISOs, managers, engineers, procurement specialists, and consumers will all find it to be illuminating and valuable.

Attendees will:

•   Understand why the Internet of Things has not been good for network or organization security

•   Learn how to calibrate the security features of IoT devices into a single numeric score

•   Use security scores to express risk status and justify equipment upgrades

•   Be prepared to calculate a network security score based on the security scoring of its nodes

•   Learn to incorporate network security scores in the business case for infrastructure upgrades

•   Be able to articulate the security capacity of IoT devices and the implications on host networks

Topics will include:

•   What are IoT Devices ?

•   What makes a network device secure ?

•   Are IoT devices secure ?

•   Device Security as a Spectrum, not a Checkbox

•   Measuring IoT Device Security

•   Device Security and Network Security

•   Evaluating and Testing Network Security

•   Use Cases for Measuring Device Security

•   Affinity IoT Security Labs

•   Q & A