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There is now a way to demonstrate your commitment to security by certifying the security features in your products.

Show your customers your commitment to security by certifying your:

Medical Devices

Monitors, Pumps, Trackers, Scanners…

Consumer Electronics

Doorbells, Lights Alarm Systems, Entertainment Systems…

Industrial Controls

Sensors, Actuators, Conveyors, Robots…

"Affinity IoT Security Labs provides our customers with the assurance that our products contain the right set of features for secure deployment."

IIoT Project Manager

"Security Certification provides a cost-effective way to differentiate our product line in a competitive marketplace."

IoT Marketing Rep

Marketing-Ready Graphics

Showcase your products' certifications with our marketing collateral

Graphics for Your Packaging

Boast your products' security ratings directly on your packaging with our marketing-ready graphics.

Permanent Certification Webpage

Permanently publish your products' results on our website with a customized web page.

Our QR Codes direct customers to your product's evaluation results page on our site. Click or scan QR Code to see example Evaluation results page.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Security

Show your customers that when it comes to security, you mean business.

Showcase your products' security features

Highlight your products' security features with our our “certified” logo and QR code to your evaluation results.

of IT leaders cite security as a barrier to iot success
40 B
75 Billion IoT Devices Expected Worldwide by 2025
10 %
of iot devices are used in the healthcare industry
90 +
New IOT Devices connect to the internet every second

Evaluation Types

Static Evaluation
Per Product
Static evaluation relies on documentary evidence of your product’s security features. Note that it represents a subset of the full criteria, and produces a reduced score. It provides an evaluation option in cases in which dynamic testing is not feasible.
Per Product

Dynamic evaluation is based on both documentary evidence plus hands-on testing of dynamic features. Access to an instance of the product is required to complete a dynamic evaluation. 

How Do We Evaluate Your Products?

All products are evaluated against the following standard criteria.  The more security features a product exhibits, the higher it scores.  Products are certified “Secure” or “Highly Secure” based on their standardized scores.

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